How to Get Yourself Pictured For a Fashion Blog

It’s every fashionista’s dream to be caught on camera by a street style blogger and promptly included in the blog with comments on what made the outfit stand out and worth picturing. Most people like being in the centre of attention so this is a great way of getting your 15 seconds of fame.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to getting dressed up with the aim of being noticed. The key points to remember are that bloggers are looking for people who stand out from the crowd and boast some unique features.

Confidence and Your Comfort Zone

You’re unlikely to be noticed by bloggers or, in fact, anyone if you look visibly uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. Stick to your comfort zone and don’t just blindly follow Lady Gaga-esque or other extravagant trends if it’s not something you feel at ease with. A well-dressed person with his or her head down won’t appeal to a blogger because you don’t look confident enough to be featured on a fashion blog, and don’t seem like you want to be approached by anyone.

Who Do You Want to Be Spotted By?

It’s important to determine what kind of blogger you would like to be spotted by. Some of the most famous bloggers, such as The Sartorialist, Street Peeper and Face Hunter capture looks that are designer-focused and very expensive looking, while others like Style Scout and Hoy Fashion are happy to feature the less rich but original.

Many women’s and men’s magazines now include a street style fashion page or online content on their websites. These are somewhat easier to be featured in as they are looking for more trend followers rather than setters. For magazine fashion editors it’s important to focus on how specific trends promoted by their magazine are being worn in the real world.

So, What to Wear?

It’s important to avoid the mainstream. Even if you’re wearing some of the high street’s newest trends, make sure to mix them up with some garments or accessories from past seasons or even the following season after you’ve seen what’s up and coming during fashion week. Vintage pieces are a sure-fire way of standing out as they are unique.

Your outfit should always feature a bold statement piece. A quick browse through a few popular street style fashion blogs reveals that popular choices include edgy shoes, vibrantly coloured trousers, feathered jackets and graphic T-shirts. The outfit is then styled around this statement piece, usually sticking to more neutral garments and accessories to pull together an organised look. Quirky make-up and hair aren’t always major players in street style fashion as bloggers try to reflect reality not runways.

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